Thursday, August 03, 2006

9/11 coverup, NSA taps and 'defense of Israel'

An American scholar based in Israel says, "There is a huge, huge appreciation here of the president," according to Sheryl Gay Stohlberg's NY Times piece on Bush's "embrace" of Israel.
Many zionists and others interested in a militarily strong Israel think Bush is one of Israel's best friends ever.

Scroll down to my post, "The silence of major American Jewish organizations," regarding their lack of interest in warrantless NSA wiretaps. A Jewish Forward writer saw this lack of interest as a result of well-heeled zionists on the boards of these groups.

It seems quite likely that a number of media executives likewise harbor a zeal for the defense of Israel that causes undue protectionism of Bush. For example, the exit poll numbers showed that Bush lost to Kerry by a substantial margin, even in many "red" states. Yet the media helped in a post-election swindle perpetrated by the polling group, which offered up a ridiculous explanation of the discrepancies.

Check out Fair's comment on U.S. media coverage of the clusterbombs and phosphorous weapons unleashed by Israel against civilian targets
for an example of U.S. media lack of objectivity concerning Israeli military actions.

One might easily think that a clique of media Israelophiles reversed the public's rejection of Israel's best friend (and also apparently reversed the vote of most American Jews).

Likewise, there is no doubt at all that a conspiracy of coverup concerning the 9/11 attacks has occurred. Yet the established media are having a hard time covering the coverup story properly. It should be remembered that alert reporters for established media first reported the many bizarre happenings that raised many eyebrows. But much of that stuff has been given the enforced amnesia treatment.

So here we have a pretty convincing scenario: media Israelophiles are assisting in the 9/11 coverup in order to keep Israel's best friend in power in America.

Still, as I have said previously, these Israelophiles are clearly getting help from underground communism. ("Clearly" if you know anything about underground communism.)

Oh yeah. If my scenario is right, we can expect that whenever the 9/11 lid is close to blowing off, a crisis concerning Israel will occur. Then the clique of media Israelophiles can justify their muzzling of 9/11 truth by arguing that the "time isn't right" for such a political event as disclosure of 9/11 treason because Israel's defense is at stake.

This clique is not quite as obvious as Rupert Murdoch, whose news slant is aggressively pro-Bush and pro-militant-Israel. Their style is passive support, through blocking of coverage that would damage Bush too much, while otherwise posing as moderates.


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