Monday, July 24, 2006

Fight for the truth about 9/11!

Sixty-one Wisconsin state lawmakers are demanding the head of a professor who has challenged the official claims concerning 9/11.

At the same time is conducting a poll of political candidates to see who favor a new probe of 9/11 on grounds that previous probes are discredited.

Well obviously these Wisconsin lawmakers wouldn't dare play this game without the unholy silence of the Wisconsin media. I mean, thank God they printed the professor's remarks. But where is their moxy in going after the truth? Ha.

Anyway, here's an idea: fight back with an ad campaign that targets government lies about 9/11. True, some media will refuse to run the ads. But try, try. Somebody might run them. For example, full-page or even half-page ads in weekly newspapers is a possibility. Pick out a salient fact, such as the point that the government withheld almost all data concerning the numerous explosions in the twin towers.


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