Sunday, July 16, 2006

9/11 panel clairvoyance worthy of 'X Files'

OK, what's the non-conspiracy theory for this fact: The Kean panel issued its final report a year before the NIST finished its analysis of the collapse of the twin towers.
Obviously, the Kean panel was very confident the NIST would find no evidence of explosives long before the scientific analysis was done.
Additionally, the NIST probe of the collapse of WTC7, which probers have publicly called a "low probability" event, still hasn't been completed. So, if we're looking for a non-conspiracy theory, then the Kean panel has magical abilities to read the future.
Plus, assuming investigative objectivity, what if probers were to find find that explosives were the probable cause of the WTC7 collapse? Wouldn't that cast doubt on the official theory about the twin towers? Hence, we can be sure that the probers already know what they are supposed to determine.
That is, the Kean panel's bizarre psychic abilities look like a case for the "X Files."
Since I began this blog, the hyperlink function on my Yahoo accounts has been disabled, at least for some, or perhaps most, receivers. The political motivation is clear. Every hindrance to my Znewz1 system cuts down on the number of people reading the blog. [The function had been messed with before that, but there is a new attack.]
Perhaps the behind-the-scenes justification given is the latest manufactured Mideast "crisis."


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