Monday, July 10, 2006

Network analysis could work against CIA

A recent article on terrorism in Discover includes a computer screen graphic which shows a purported "network analysis" with bin Laden as the hub of a spider's web dense with spokes.
However databases, some available commercially, might be used in connection with network analysis algorithms to spotlight numerous webs that would point to the likehihood of covert CIA operations. Or, secret activities of any intelligence agency.
You can bet your boots that every intelligence agency in the world is using such data mining techniques not only against potential terrorists, but against each other.
Now here's a thought: why shouldn't independent investigators use network analysis to throw a spotlight on the traitors who choreographed the 9/11 attacks and implemented coverups.
Really sharp scientists should be able to begin with enough input information to come up with some invaluable algorithmic outputs. Of course, showing up in such a network doesn't establish guilt. It's merely a method of giving probers people of interest that should be checked further.
For example, though Hatfield has not been convicted in the anthrax attacks, a network analysis run on him and others with the requisite backgrounds might give independent probers more places to poke around.


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