Saturday, July 01, 2006

Steve Nass: Running interference for traitors

Wisconsin state legislator Steve Nass seems like a regular guy. The onetime payroll expert is a veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He's a member of the Air National Guard, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Kiwanis.

The Republican got into the news recently by calling for the ouster of a University of Wisconsin instructor who is convinced that feds engineered the 9/11 attacks. Of course, the instructor, Kevin Barrett, is an easy target. He's a Muslim who teaches about religion.

Yet the fact that a Muslim expresses doubt about 9/11 does not somehow absolve the Bush bunch.

People like Nass do a grave disservice to America by using their positions to promote the coverup of treason. Now one cannot assume that Nass has consciously decided to side with treason. Clearly he's following the party line, and the party line is that "none dare call it treason." Rather than being an out-and-out traitor, Nass more likely falls under the category -- in the jargon of intelligence operatives -- of "useful idiot" (aka "pawn" or "dupe").

It seems quite likely that Nass, who finds Barrett's charges "outlandish," is truly unaware of the treason of 9/11 because he assumes it can't be so and hence has done no spadework to find out what really might be going on in Washington. He's reminiscent of those gullible Americans who once assumed that the communist conspiracy couldn't be that bad merely because the press didn't have much on it.


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