Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A call for state probes of 9/11

Clearly the feds are incapable of an honest probe of the events of 9/11. The Kean panel's report is essentially a lame whitewash of the "failure-to-connect-the-dots" cover story propounded by high-level federal officials.
However, states have a large degree of sovereignty and are fully capable of launching their own, independent investigations. As elections loom, candidates should be urged to call for such inquiries.
It is disgraceful that the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut have simply bowed to the feds when it is impossible that their law enforcement agencies are unaware that their residents died as a result of federal treachery. Yet, any state is able to conduct such an inquiry, and here's hoping many states make such efforts.
State elective officials are not low-level underlings of federal officials. They have a right and a duty to contradict federal claims when those claims are highly injurious to the American democracy.
So let's get cracking.
Plus, we need a private commission, hopefully led by a distinguished but no-nonsense scientist, to also look into the matter of war crimes against the American people and other peoples by an underhanded use of federal security agencies.
Does this call sound far-fetched merely because you won't read about it soon in the New York Times? Remember the movement among states to permit citizens to carry concealed weapons? That wasn't noted by the Establishment media until some 20 states had adopted such laws.
And that movement is not the only one in recent years to gain clout despite attempts at manipulation through national media silence.


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