Thursday, July 13, 2006

U.S. Communists soft on 9/11 treason

We see a lot of implied haw-haw's showing up in the media these days about 9/11 "conspiracy theorists."

Reminds me of back when the New York Times was outraged that the government would LIE like crazy -- imagine that! -- about Vietnam, as demonstrated by the Pentagon papers; but even so, the Times was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the government was telling the God's-honest-truth about the JFK murder.

Yet, the Times did an extensive investigation of the murder -- supposedly in order to rebut Warren commission critics -- but, upon examining their material, decided not to publish a word of it. And no one knows what happened to all those notes.

What I notice about those in the press using the "conspiracy theory" sobriquet is that rarely, extremely rarely, have they ever moved a muscle to do any legwork on 9/11. Those news organizations that are the testiest about those who question the official theory have invested little energy in investigating 9/11 -- and that's an especial disgrace for a slew of major New York-based outfits.

Of course those who are most likely to dump on 9/11 doubters are generally those who are well-known for their strong neocon leanings, such as the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal's editorial page. Yet, the neocon group in the media could not succeed so well without a lot of help. That would be the communist conspiracy.

We pooh-pooh such a notion these days. But China is still red, no matter what some claim and the Chinese are having an increasing influence in America's corporate boardrooms.
And Putin is using KGB-strongarm tactics on Russia -- which, like Israel, had a lot to gain from the 9/11 attacks.

I just checked the Communist Party USA's web sites, and, as I suspected, the party's policy has been to toss a few limp-wristed pebbles at the official line on 9/11. The People's Daily World articles mostly mimicked what could be found in mainstream media, though with appropriate leftist remarks. What little the party's Political Affairs magazine had to say was hardly enough to rev up the red rank-and-file to make an issue of the government's 9/11 pack of lies. Though the magazine noted that the Kean Commission had "failed to connect the dots, the reds published nothing that might seriously undermine the federal story.

We should expect that the reds will have penetrated the 9/11 truth movement, hoping to neutralize it while playing ardent advocates.


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