Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two more Wiki nixes

I've found that at least two more of my links have been bounced from Wiki. It appears that someone is chasing my links around, revamping the Wiki page and banishing my stuff.

One banished link is my take on the twin paradox found at http://www.angelfire.com/az3/nfold/twins.html

Another concerns my short version of the set theoretic Schroeder-Bernstein theorem.

I noticed a front page article in the New York Times sometime after I added my link that some pages, including the related Einstein page, had become untouchable because of disputes over editorial control. However, it appears to me that a link is not a big deal, unless your aim is personal. People know that internet writings have to be viewed carefully. It's really not up to some invisible force (perhaps a Wiki Administrator or perhaps someone with a flair for computer manipulation) to determine that some link or other should be removed and blocked from being restored.

A quick look shows that the page was extensively re-edited to throw out the thoughts of various people.

The Schroeder-Bernstein page has been sanitized of all links, including mine.

The "line" is taking over Wiki, it appears. It won't be long before all sorts of material on the government's 9/11 fraud will be sanitized, distorted and otherwise made of little use by someone acting behind the scenes to "get control."

BTW, no response has been received to an email sent to Wiki founder Cunningham asking what was going on.


At 12:56 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

Oct. 06 I tried to edit Wiki's intelligent design page. It seems to be a protected page, and no changes are wanted.
But why doesn't Wiki post a notice on the page that it can't be edited rather than let people waste their time?


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