Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One in three suspects 9/11 was inside job

Thanks to Guido Stempel for tipping us to the Scripps-Howard poll which shows that one-third of Americans suspect the federal government made sure the 9/11 attacks occurred.

The poll also reflects a rising level of personal anger against the government.

We need to accept that polls are not proof. And the mistrust is probably fueled by the Bush administration's poor record of veracity on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

However, there is a war between "the system" and 9/11 skeptics over credibility, with the skeptics fighting hard to avoid being dismissed as "wingnuts" and the like and also struggling to have their salient points heard.

Hopefully, more people with "credentials" will overcome their fear of politically motivated professional ostracism and speak out on the many scientific and technical absurdities inherent in the government's storyline.

I'm not sure, but it may be that the Wisconsin state legislators who are crusading against the 9/11 truth movement have run into more trouble than they realize. If at least a third of the voters of Wisconsin think Bush et al are lying about 9/11, some of that third will be Republicans.
Now that would imply a hefty majority of Republicans who aren't yet ready to suspect government wrongdoing on 9/11 -- but I'll bet much of that support is soft. They don't want to doubt the president, but that doesn't mean they're really comfortable with the 9/11 line and might easily turn vocal skeptic.


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