Friday, September 08, 2006

The conspiracy to silence 9/11-doubting profs

Ok. So this is a bit late. On Aug 29, New Hampshire's Union Leader held up a University of New Hampshire professor to a public lashing for daring to disbelieve the official line on 9/11 and being convinced that the evidence points to treason.

The weasely university defended Dr. William Woodward's free speech rights with the preface that the school may not agree with his views. We know that. The only reason for that preface is fear. Why not simply affirm the psychology prof's rights and leave it at that?

The Union Leader canvassed politicos who expressed anger that someone might think treason could have occurred, with one fuming that there are limits to freedom of speech. (And this from the state with the slogan: Live free or die.)

What should traitors do when confronted by an increasing number of academics with good credentials who challenge the official fairy tale? Answer: Rope them off -- in particular from their frightened peers -- and bash their reputations. Hopefully, one by one, the traitors, aided by dupes or worse in the media, can keep a significant body of reputable opinion from forming that points to treason.


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