Saturday, August 05, 2006

National controversy bursting seams

Were the 9/11 attacks an inside job by government conspirators or merely the result of bureaucratic bungling, as the Kean commission asserts? The 36 percent of Americans who strongly suspect an inside job are hopping mad, a Scripps Howard-Ohio University poll found.

This poll tends to validate the Zogby International poll published in May 2006 that found that 42% of Americans suspected cover-up. That poll was commissioned by 9/11 truth advocates and so carried less weight than the media poll.

Now clearly there is a tremendous passion here, a raging debate. YET, that controversy is largely uncovered -- though a Rocky Mountain News editorial took note that 9/11 skeptics were no longer in the lunatic fringe. However, the editorialist attributed the poll result to the fact that many people see the world as manipulated by small groups of amoral people (as if the communist and nazi conspiracies were minor abberations or as if s/he never heard of the Gulf of Tonkin incident).

But at least the Rocky Mountain News saw the fact that something is going on as worthy of note. Isn't the controversy a story in this especially hot election season?

Well, I'm sure we can expect more of the Fox News treatment (have a "conservative" fob it all off to "madness" stirred by "America haters") and I'm sure we'll see some hand-wringing about the mass psychology of strange beliefs. But, will we see the issue of the Bush bunch sandbagging its own credibility with sound bite propaganda that later came home to roost? And will we see reporters and editors publishing stuff that points to an inside job? There is plenty of evidence available and more is certain to be unearthed.


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