Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who will check official WTC simulations?

The NIST's report "Computer simulation of the fires in the World Trade Center" (NCSTAR 1-5F) gives much technical information on the input assumptions for the pre-collapse fires.
There may be enough information for experts to rerun the simulations and check the assumptions. Of course, they'll need access to a group of computers, because of the need for parallel processing.

Still, they'll have to get access to the Fire Dynamics Simulator program. The government did not publish a specific computer program, algorithm or protocol. Neither did it make available a downloadable animation.

Given the fact that much important data was omitted by NIST, I am not terribly confident that independent researchers will find it easy to check the simulations -- even though the country is full of computer scientists who are competent to at least see that the algorithms themselves are solid.

Also, news organizations are able to contract out this kind of scientific check. Maybe one will.

On another matter: Suppose the NIST's real mission was to cover up alleged shoddy work of designers and builders? That idea has actually been floated by John Young, architect and computer media person. Well, if so, I'd say that the Rockefellers might consider finding ways to distance themselves from NIST's cover story, knowing that the World Trade Center was essentially David Rockefeller's baby from a to z.


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