Saturday, August 12, 2006

GOP bungling war on terror

Bush, throwing caution to the winds, committed the United States to the biggest blunder imaginable in the war on terror: the invasion of Iraq. The Iraq war is consuming military resources that could have been better spent against al Qaeda, is whipping up horrific sectarian strife and is a breeding ground for terrorists.

Bush was warned by numerous experts on the likely consequences.

Not only that, Bush has managed to strengthen Iran's influence in the region, since Iraq's new Shi'ite government has strong religious, emotional and historical ties with Iran's Shi'ite government.

And, let's not forget that after 9/11 Bush moved quickly to protect everyone in the U.S. security committee -- before he could have known for sure who was responsible. That's reckless generosity.

The Cheney gang calls skeptics "weak on terror." Yet it is the GOP leadership, by sticking so close to Bush, that has encouraged a gigantic bungling of the war on terror.


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