Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trade center fall times: data conflict

How long did it take the World Trade Center towers to collapse? Various theories -- including the government theories -- of the collapses hinge on those numbers.

Yet the government seems to have made no serious effort to give the public authoritative estimates of the collapse times for WTC2, WTC1 and WTC7.

So we are left with the duration of the seismic signals picked up by earthquake monitors and with data-compressed internet videos. One severe disparity: WTC7 left a seismic signal of 18 seconds in duration. But Google Videos of the collapse give a fall time of about 7 seconds, according to the timers on the screens.

Another disparity: The collapse of WTC2 left a seismic signal of 10 seconds but a Google Video of the ABC news clip times the collapse at between 14 and 15 seconds. The seismic signal for WTC1's collapse was 8 seconds, which is 1.2 seconds shorter than the shortest time span in which the building could have fallen. I found no Google Videos of WTC1's collapse, despite the hundreds of video-cams trained on the burning building, many from across the Hudson in New Jersey.

If you can provide any info on fall times, please contact me.

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Trade center collapse times: omissions and disparities

Another coincidence: Lieberman is knocked out of the Dem primary; British then foil airline terror plot; Cheney says Dems opposing Bush are soft on terror.

Knowing without a doubt that 9/11 was orchestrated by a conspiracy inside the government and a coverup carried out by conspiracies inside multiple governments, we must wonder whether the British plotters were being manipulated by a double agent.


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