Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spooks in dread of 9/11 truth backlash?

The 9/11 truth monster

Are top-level spooks in dread of the "9/11 truth" issue breaking out of its cage?

Consider the recent firefights between the White House and top spooks over the war on terror and 9/11. First we had the National Intelligence Estimate's blunt assertion that the Iraq war was fueling terrorism, a big slap in the face for Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld. Hard on the NIE's heels comes Bob Woodward's book in which ex-CIA chief Tenet says he gave then National Security Adviser Rice a dire warning not long before 9/11 of an imminent major al Qaeda attack and that Rice blew him off.

We've been hearing that Tenet has been fuming at being "thrown under the bus" by Rice over supposed bad intelligence on Iraqi WMD and alleged ties to Qaeda. And why is she tossing Tenet under the bus? You think the former National Security Adviser wants to take blame for the kinds of facts that are emerging about 9/11? But, then, neither does Tenet or others high in spookdom.

The obviousness of the government coverup of the truths of 9/11 are filtering out to the general public. Ergo, a real change in power implies prosecutions of traitors. Time to CYA, figure Tenet, Rice and those others who just can't be ignorant of the treason plot.

Double standard on sexcapades

A few thoughts on the Mark Foley scandal:

* Foley says through his lawyer that he never touched any of the boys in whom he was interested. But his gay love letters imply that he was set to drink and bed at least one youth (see http://www.stopsexualpredators.blogspot.com
Certainly being gay, and having had an abusive childhood, does not justify attempts to seduce young men who are still trying to get their bearings sexually.

* The inaction of Speaker Hastert and others in the GOP, when alerted to funny business with young male pages, is in sharp contrast to the party's war cry against Clinton for messing around with a young woman who was, after all, of age. True, they apparently didn't have enough info to bring charges of any sort against Foley. But it seems clear that they wanted to wash their hands of the matter. If it isn't reported in the news media, it doesn't count, is Washington's rule of thumb when it comes to poor conduct.

* Interestingly, the spark for this firestorm was an anonymous blogger who posted copies of the salacious emails from Foley on blogspot. Apparently ABC News spotted the blog and Foley was unable to deny that the emails were authentic. So we see again the power of the internet to bypass and influence established media coverage.
Of course everyone is wondering who runs the website. The blogger blocks comments and gives no information in his/her profile. The blogger may be a concerned citizen, or then again, may be a conduit for some political entity.


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