Thursday, September 21, 2006

Engineering professors suspect controlled demolition of WTC7

Two former structural engineering professors suspect that World Trade Center 7 was brought down by controlled demolition, according to a University of Zurich historian.

The two experts in structural design and construction who taught at Zurich's Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) are very skeptical of the official position, wrote historian Daniele Ganser in the Tagesanzeiger newspaper.

"In my opinion, the WTC7 building was very probably professionally demolished," Hugo Bachman is quoted as saying. The other professor, Jorg Schneider, sees the paucity of videographic evidence in the WTC7 collapse as a strong indicator of controlled demolition, Ganser writes.


She also quotes an American investigator, Frederick Mower, as being alarmed at the "frightening" speed with which the physical steel evidence from the trade center was recycled before it could be examined. Mower is a fire protection engineer at the University of Maryland.

Ganser also notes 9/11 skeptic David Ray Griffin's comment that the Kean commission omitted mention of WTC7's collapse -- as if it were disconnected from the 9/11 attacks.

For a synopsis of the Kean commission omissions, see

Curiously, Bush's close relatives were in charge of WTC security.

In the meantime, Brigham Young University has instituted an inquiry into physics professor Steven Jones' charges that the trade center towers were brought down by concealed explosives. School officials say they are concerned that Jones' internet paper has not appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. They did not address the issue that the current political climate may make it very difficult to publish such material in professional journals.

Jones remains on paid suspension.


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