Tuesday, July 24, 2007

हो हम?

Ho hum?

Back in January 2002, I pointed out Bush's use of the "signing statement" gimmick as a method of deploying a line-item veto. Bush was striving to spare the CIA realistic legislative oversight despite congressional outrage over the intelligence lapses leading up to 9/11.

Bush uses de facto line-item veto

Since that post, the signing statement issue has burgeoned into a major point of contention, with constitutional lawyers similarly homing in on the practice and with Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W. Va., conducting a Senate investigation of the practice, which is plainly a threat to congressional authority under the Constitution.

In April 2006, the Boston Globe reported that Bush had gone on to use this device to undermine hundreds of laws.

Purportedly, fewer than 700 people have viewed my essay. Maybe I was merely a voice crying in the wilderness. Ho hum...

Even so, the evidence gathered by Byrd could easily be used in articles of impeachment. Only the political will is lacking, not the evidence.


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