Sunday, July 08, 2007

Moving deck chairs on the Titanic

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Things are spinning wildly out of control for the invisible system. The hidden overlords are in a real tizzy as to how to keep their empire of evil from foundering on the rocks of Bush's failed war policy.

The corridors of power are awash with fear and uncertainty as hardliners go mushy and the spookocrats weasel and weave, knowing the political vulnerabilities of the security system that was used to push America into war. The economic oligarchs are suddenly at wits end as to how to keep everybody happy. They're huddling with Kissinger, no doubt, but he's got so many deals going, no one knows what his real game is.

Defense Secretary Gates, the longtime CIA careerist, has called off a Latin America trip in order to participate in frenzied discussions about the mushrooming political crisis spawned by the war's continuation and by the fact that politicians see that the traditional media system can no longer hold back the rage of a swindled people. The New York Times, sensing the astonishing and rapid change in the national realpolitik, is urgently calling for a pullback of U.S. forces to Kurdish territory.

And, adding another incendiary to the mix, Cindy Sheehan says she'll challenge Pelosi for her House seat unless Pelosi begins impeachment proceedings against Bush. Pelosi may find that she needs to take that threat seriously.

Of course, the real issue for Bush, Cheney and the spookocrats is how to keep the Titanic sufficiently above water so that the real bad beastie -- 9/11 treason -- doesn't slither into the public discourse. Such an eventuality may seem highly unlikely today, but with the political situation at a crisis point, the probability may not be remote at all.

And crisis is the correct word to describe Bush's war predicament, because, roughly translated, the word means "damned if you do and damned if you don't."


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