Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So Miller's jailing wasn't excessive?

What did Libby know and when was he going to tell it? Libby's knowledge of many White House shenanigans may well have been a big factor in Bush's decision to commute the Iraq war hawk's sentence.

Neither Miller nor Cooper posed that kind of a threat to Bush, who -- assuming Bush and Cheney haven't committed perjury -- failed to say that he had declassified Plame's CIA status and that there was no reason to grill reporters about sources.

Bush also permitted the special prosecutor probe to develop into a horrific downturn for press freedom with news organizations threatened with bankruptcy if they failed to comply with the rule of law. These news outfits deserve little sympathy in that they are the ones which have played down, ignored and written around Bush's impeachable behavior. Yet, the precedents affect everyone's press freedom.

Either Bush and Cheney lied about the secret declassification order -- so secret not even the CIA was told -- or Bush and Cheney kept quiet while millions of dollars were spent on a senseless probe that resulted in news people cooling their heals in jail over a crime that these politicos knew never occurred.

When reporters tried to protect Libby, Bush favored the rule of law, and those reporters went to jail. No intervention to keep them out. Bush, if he's not a perjurer, had some responsibility for pushing Libby into perjury, a crime. Even so, it is apparent that the rule of law operates differently for well-connected political operatives than for members of the press.

Goes to show that the special interests who control media have no sense of loyalty toward members of the working press, whether employed by those interests or not. "The system," which so well benefits a few oligarchs, must be protected at any price -- and if that means some of their reporters lose their scalps, well, too bad... Notice that Miller was forced out and other journalists mistreated, but the media corporations do nothing to spotlight the unbelievably bizarre actions of Bush and Cheney.

For the corporate controllers, past and present members of the press are little more than chump wage slaves who ought to know how to weasel better. The fact is that the media corporations would rather their reporters be isolated, disgraced, humiliated, jailed and ruined than to risk rocking the "system." If the special interests can clamp a news lid down even when it hurts their own reporters and press freedom in general, no wonder we see nothing about government complicity in 9/11.

Members of the working press are just dumb grunts in the combat zone, as far as these elitists are concerned. If the newsies are too dumb to know they're cannon fodder, then tough lumps...

Previously, some may have thought that the origin of the media blackout concerning yours truly was possibly non-political in origin. In light of what's happening -- or not happening -- with respect to Miller et al, perhaps a second thought is in order.

One more point: As much as I oppose the Libbycons, the White House consigliere has been shortchanged. Libby deserves a full pardon. After all, Libby would never have been charged had Bush or Cheney spoken up in a timely manner rather than continuing to conceal the alleged declassification order.


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