Sunday, June 17, 2007

Power to the oligarchs

America is hopping mad at both Bush and the Democrats, if a number of recent polls are to be believed.

NOTE: For a perceptive discussion of these polls, take a look at the Trotskyist web site (see side bar for link). Now anyone knows the Trotskyists have a Marxist political agenda and are as capable of "spin" as Fox News. Even so, some of their news reporting is highly competent, though one must, as with all reporting, take care to watch for political bias.

Americans are disgusted. The Democrats seem unable to halt the war, though that's why they were given power in November. So why aren't the people heeded? As the Trotskyists point out, a tiny oligarchy determines policy, not Congress.

When public opinion changes against the faction in power, that faction does not respect the "will of the people." That faction simply thinks that an opposing power clique has won a battle over opinion. So the war faction thinks: we're not going to permit our opponents to win by controlling opinion, if we can help it. We will just continue on anyway. Such cliques tend to think in terms of being on a winning football team, rather than in terms of right, wrong and the people's inherent right to govern themselves.

But this war group -- partially composed of neocons and a certain brand of Israelophile -- may have bitten off more than it can chew. Take a look at George Will's latest column on one GOP senator's gloomy stance on Iraq. It's clear that the conservative Will is himself gloomy about the GOP's war policy. The troop surge has been ineffective, yet the troops are still there. I've noticed many times over that once the feds launch a major op, neither hell nor highwater will cause it to abort, even when the objective is clearly no longer obtainable.

Tim Russert recently said something to the effect that the natives are restless. The blinders are starting to come off as the people begin to see that their will means nothing to the system. The people are viewed with contempt by the mostly hidden oligarchs. More and more people might begin to identify with "outlaw" journalists such as myself.

Once the people wake up to the fact that the government is controlled by some behind-the-scenes force -- a "council" of oligarchs -- the awareness that 9/11 might very well have been an inside job will spread like wildfire. No telling what might happen then.

The Trotskyists again:Did you wonder why the "progressive" Nation magazine took aim at "paranoid" thinking about 9/11 conspiracy? Take a look at the Trotskyist analysis (link on sidebar) of the magazine's controlling clique. The Nation is an organ of some very powerful "liberal establishment" families, and these families find it convenient not to upset the system applecart (and their financial prospects) by letting "the masses" learn the truth.

That said, I'd like to point out that the Trotskyists themselves have found it convenient to, for the most part, tone down the 9/11 treason issue.


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