Monday, June 11, 2007

Murdoch Zionists at Dow Jones?

Some have charged that Murdoch is likely to see to it that the Wall Street Journal will pull punches when it comes to issues of concern to the Chinese communists.

But there is also another worry: Do you suppose that the ruthless neocons who comprise Murdoch's team aren't just aching to get their hands on the Dow Jones financial data system?

You may think that Murdoch will prevent them from misusing their positions to manipulate financial data for both personal and ideological gain. But, all I know is that if I were a business person not affiliated with the Murdoch-Rothschild clique of militant Zionists, I might be quite disturbed.

Even though Dow Jones has competition from Bloomberg and Reuters in providing such data, that competition might not be sufficient to deter a few crafty insiders working for Murdoch from playing all sorts of financial games in furtherance of militant Zionism and for personal reasons.


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