Thursday, May 31, 2007

9/11 blasts still echo in tangled files

A report based upon released police files gives details of what cops saw and felt inside and oustide the towers. Please read it at

BTW, the police records detailing the many explosions in the twin towers were made available to the New York Times, CNN and national media in general. But, somehow they missed what was right in front of their noses in black and white. Somehow there wasn't anybody noticing.

UPDATE June 4 02: Sunday's lead in the Tennessean said something close to: "Plot's fatal flaw: jet fuel."

The head was referring to the fact that the miserable little conspiracy to ignite stored jet fuel at John F. Kennedy airport on Long Island would not have yielded a 9/11-scale catastrophe, as the reputed plotters had hoped. An FBI agent told the press that ignited jet fuel could not have yielded enough explosive power to obtain such catastrophic results as envisioned.

One may suppose that the plotters were misled by the widespread impression, fostered by media misinformation and propaganda, that jet fuel was sufficient to bring down the twin towers. It should be noted that jet fuel is designed to burn at a temperature that won't melt fuel tanks and also not to burn too rapidly. So, while it is excellent stuff for motivating planes, it isn't a terribly efficient explosive.

For more on the jet fuel issue, please see
Thumbnail of NIST's 9/11 theory

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