Saturday, May 19, 2007

Needed: subversive scientists

Yes, it's clear that the invisible government is moving heaven and earth to isolate academics and experts who are too accurate about 9/11.

Scientists, being human, rightly fear the "UFO effect," whereby even breathing certain words aloud is enough to cast a pall over a career. But, there must be a way to bypass those who engineer the taboos. Here's an idea:

Are you a concerned scientist frustrated by the silence of most experts over the preposterous claims of public officials concerning 9/11? Why not adopt a nom de plume and blog about what's wrong with government claims? It's the next best thing to going public.

Clearly your fellow scientists and engineers will tend to recognize your credentials simply from the blog content.

Now it's true the feds will be able to chase down your terminal and, unless you use special security measures, dope out your identity. But, they won't be able to share that info with your employer (at least, until they get really desperate).

You can send around an email to colleagues and peers giving a rough summary of your credentials and explaining the need for a pen name.

Sure, you'll get a lot of interference, harassment and negativity and feedback will be limited to a few token comments. But, if you're going to fight, then fight.

Carter denounces Bush
Jimmy Carter says Bush II has been the worst prez ever for American interests. Included on Carter's list of peeves is the policy of conveying federal billions to faith-based initiatives. No other president has ever so baldly blurred the difference between church and state, says Carter, who calls himself a traditional Southern Baptist.

Carter's blast can be seen as the unleashing of pent-up rage at what's been going on in America, I suggest. I think things are going to get a lot rougher as Democrats realize they can do something.

The invisible government is going to have a heck of a time trying to tame all these nostril-flared broncs and settle everything back to conspiracy, murder and intrigue as usual.


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