Saturday, May 12, 2007

Censored about 9/11 censorship

Around 1030 am CDT, I posted a blog query about censorship on and-- guess what?--it hasn't appeared as of 620 pm CDT.

Additionally, a recent post of mine went missing and other posts could not be retrieved, despite showing up on the 911blogger search engine -- which is run by Google.

I had tried to ask others their experience with 9/11 censorship and noted that Yahoo and Google news and blog alerts had become increasingly useless, indicating heightened filtering of news.

Sure the censors can hide behind the notion that somebody at 911blogger made the decisions for technical, political or even personal reasons. But, who really benefits?
Government censors.

This also implies that 911blogger is being controlled by the feds, either willingly or unwillingly.

Well, what else can we expect? There is a big bunch of killers who can't afford for the public to become convinced that treason occurred.

Personally, I see this latest block as one of a myriad of things that have occurred to me indicating an intense desire by the control clique to keep me roped off. Recently, an ad of mine was deleted from Craigslist shortly after being posted, though there was nothing wrong with it.

Experience tells me that some kind of flimflam will next occur to make it look like I don't know what I'm talking about and that all is well. Then, a short time later, the interference will occur again, though in slightly changed form.

Make a noose for killers out of purse-strings

John Edwards, following the lead of presidential rival Dennis Kucinich, is urging Americans to push Congress to cut war funding now.

Assuming that Congress knows damn well who pulled off 9/11 and used it to try to impose tyranny, we should also urge Congress to pull funds from those elements of the government that caused 9/11 and are fighting to cover it up.

Of course, they'll cry boo-hoo that the "war on terror" will go badly without their services. But, maybe it will go well. U.S. attorneys would be in a better position to prosecute traitors if those traitors weren't protected by clandestine armies.


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