Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Psst... we're going to blame Iraq for 9/11

I haven't read ex-CIA chief Tenet's new book, though perhaps I will at least scan it.

The LA Times quotes Tenet as saying that the day after 9/11 he ran into Richard Perle coming out of the White House and that the neocon insider snapped that Iraq would have to pay for the attacks.

Tenet says he wonders what Perle, an unsalaried adviser to the Pentagon with important media connections, was doing at the White House but that he never received an answer.

"One of the great mysteries to me is exactly when the war on Iraq became inevitable," Tenet wrote.

This comes in light of another recent report that a big U.S. airbase was quietly built in Qatar in preparation for an air war against Iraq -- well before 9/11.

And Newsweek quoted ex-9/11 panel executive director Zelikow doing his best to undermine Tenet's credibility. Zelikow surely had a strong hand in the craftily written 9/11 coverup report.

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