Thursday, April 19, 2007

Winnipeg Sun editor vents 9/11 skepticism

The quest for a truthful international inquiry into 9/11 got a boost from the editor of the Winnipeg Sun.

In a column published Wednesday, John Gleeson argued that the controlled demolition theory of the collapse of the trade center towers "has won persistent support from engineers and academics from other disciplines."

In a discussion of the work of various academics who favor a "inside job" scenario, Gleeson said, "You can see why these scholars are calling for an independent, preferably international investigation."

The editor cast such academics as David Ray Griffin, the theologian turned 9/11 skeptic, in a favorable light.

To read Gleeson's column, go to and search: gleeson, 9/11

BTW, I have updated my energy calculations for the World Trade Center collapses and have found that the collapse of the top block onto the bottom provided, in each case, five orders of magnitude less energy than the energy that should have been available for the resistance force.

Please see my "The case of the missing energy" at blog

I specifically request that engineers and physicists check my calculations and see whether I am right. I will gladly publish the comments of any professional on this matter. And, if convinced I am in error, I will pull the post. But, so far, it looks good to me.


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