Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mood swings at Downing Street?

The Downing Street web site seems to be having mood swings. Yes you can comment on the PM's question time. No you can't. It's an on again-off again thing.

Sometimes Blair's web site directs one to the They Work for You transcript which offers a comment option. Then again, sometimes it directs one to the Parliament's official transcript service, which offers no such option.

A look at some recent links shows the comment option restored (see previous posts) but then dropped again for the most recent question time.

Not sure what's going on. One can imagine all sorts of political pressures, especially in that Blair is getting ready to step aside.

Well, in lieu of posting something on They Work for You, I'll just mention here that I have improved my argument on 9/11 collapse times

whereby I clarify the physical model.


At 3:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last I looked the comment option is on again.


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