Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Real ID' backlash and 9/11 truth

A backlash is building against the federal law to require every state to adhere to the "real ID" form of driver license, which includes a chip that carries vital information.
Supposedly these cards can't be counterfeited. Of course, following the darwinian imperative, crooks and terrorists will find a way.
States say the new ID costs are prohibitive and there is fear of identity theft from people with electronic surveillence gear.
I like to think that a thus-far unspoken part of the backlash is the growing suspicion among all levels of society that 9/11 was an inside job and the new IDs are bringing America under some kind of 666 cult. Your driver license will be trackable at all times by federal authorities. If you give some powerful person some lip, you may find all kinds of bureaucratic or technical problem with your card, which will be under control of central computers, of course.
Honest dissidents will always be under thumb. No room to breathe in this kind of cult-ure.
Some call such fear paranoia. Too bad more Germans weren't paranoid back in the thirties.


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