Thursday, January 11, 2007

Muzzled by Downing Street?

In the past, Downing Street maintained an image of courteous liberalism by permitting the public to post comments about Tony Blair's statements.
However, the prime minister's web site has seemingly dropped its arrangement with TheyWorkforYou, which transcribes the statements of public servants and parliamentarians and which offers a public comment option, much like the comment option on this blog.
Oh well, it seems there'll be no more use of the PM's Question Time to contradict those who work for the public concerning serious problems with official 9/11 scenarios.
Something like this happened over the Christmas holiday season of a year ago, but the Downing Street site restored the public comment option and sent out an email saying there'd been some trouble with links.
This time, TheyWorkforYou pages show up on Downing Street links of a few months ago but not on January's or December's pages.
That's a bit odd. Because though when I went directly to the Downing Street site in December (on Christmas Day, as it happens), I couldn't find the public comment version of the PM's question time, when I operated via an official Downing Street email newsletter sent to me, the link took me to TheyWorkforYou and I promptly posted a comment. Curiously, the newsletter-linked web site was in appearance identical to the Downing Street site reached via Google.
I would like to have posted something to the effect that:

Scientists clash over 9/11
Two government weapons lab scientists are at opposite poles of a debate among scientists over whether official 9/11 collapse claims are credible.


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