Friday, December 15, 2006

What is to be done

Unfortunate, but true, that even among academics involved in the quest for 9/11 truth, there is a lot of contradictory stuff.

Also, the quality of the research is highly variable, thus giving the government's defenders plenty of ammo.

However, a close inspection of the evidence presented by the government also reveals many contradictions, and low standards of research.

So what reputable scientist wants to jeopardize his or her reputation and career by getting involved in such a controversy, especially knowing that all sorts of unethical attacks and mean-spirited charges will be leveled at him or her? Very few.

Yet, the government's version of events cannot be allowed to stand, no matter how much pressure is used in its defense.

What is needed is for two or three scientists with good credentials to circulate a letter that says that scientists who have reviewed the NIST report on the tower collapses have found it to be deeply flawed and lacking in scientific merit. Forget the individual alternative scenarios for now. Just focus on the fact that the NIST report is not credible.

Hopefully, such a letter would be signed by numerous specialists in physics, mathematics, computer simulations and structural engineering.

This may seem a herculean task. Yet, a sizable group of highly qualified mathematicians and statisticians had the courage to sign a letter sharply questioning the validity of the 2004 presidential election based on their analysis of exit polls. And that letter gave credibility to those who warned of election rigging in the recent midterm elections, to the extent that polling changes and heightened watchfulness may well have contributed to the Democratic victory.

So, if such a plan is carried out with due caution with respect to 9/11, the tide may turn in this matter also.

We must believe that it is possible to overcome the smears, the disinformation and the shoddy work that is proliferating with respect to this matter.
Science is about logic. It may seem that logic cannot prevail against emotionalism. Yet we must believe that intellect can be used to overcome unprincipled emotionalism. Otherwise, why do science?

I am hoping that a core group of courageous physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists will accept the challenge and find sober, effective ways to put the spotlight on the grievous flaws in the government's 9/11 whitewash.

The letter I suggest would make a good start, I believe.


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