Friday, December 08, 2006

Where's the 9/11 truth ribbon?

A recent Scripps Howard poll found that some 36 percent of Americans believe the government is covering up terrible truths about 9/11. Contrast that with a Zogby poll showing more than half of New Yorkers suspect conspiracy, and a recent poll by Canadian sociologists showing 57% of Americans are upset about post-9/11 intrusions into liberty.

YET, despite the proliferation of all sorts of magnetic ribbons for cars, I have never once seen a 9/11 truth ribbon anywhere.

I have a POW-MIA ribbon and a Statue of Liberty ribbon, but I've never run across a 9/11 truth ribbon to affix to my auto. I just scanned Google and found no entry for such a ribbon for sale or mentioned in any way.

Do you really think ribbon manufacturers think there's no money in such a ribbon? Clearly some force is intimidating free enterprise and blocking easy availability of this product. The blocks include restrictions on internet searches.

I daresay other blocks come in the form of veiled threats to those peons who might have the affrontery to believe there's a market for First Amendment-protected expressions of free speech.

Now you may say that 9/11 doubters are a bunch of fruitcake conspiracy theorists. And yet, what is your explanation for the lack of availability of a 9/11 truth ribbon? Mere coincidence that no one wants to tap a market that ranges across possibly a third of drivers?


At 9:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you produce and market the ribbon and test out your thoughts that way? It would be of great interest to many people, as you pointed out.


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