Monday, December 11, 2006

Another physicist scorns official 9/11 story

Another scientist sharply questions the credibility of the official government theory about the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Josh Mitteldorf, an all-around scientist who has taught math and physics at Ivy League schools, charges that the "central fact is that the way in which the twin towers fell -- sudden, symmetric, with a rapidity that implies zero structural resistance -- is not consistent with airplane impact or localized fires."

Mitteldorf's public skepticism comes after Steven Jones, a Brigham Young University physics professor, touched off a firestorm concerning his 9/11 doubts. Jones was eventually pressured to retire.

Mitteldorf previously challenged officialdom when he joined a network of statisticians who argue that a proper analysis of exit polls makes the 2004 presidential election result highly improbable.

In an op-ed piece of Dec. 9, the scientist criticized an uncomplimentary analysis of the 9/11 truth movement that appears in the latest edition of the Nation. Mitteldorf says the writer, an English professor named Christopher Hayes, misunderstands how science works when he dismisses the "physical minutae" brought out by 9/11 researchers.

Mitteldorf, who is affiliated with the University of Arizona's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, has varied interests, including computer science and physics. In 1987 he gained a PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania.


The Nation's attack, titled "9/11: the roots of paranoia," tends to confirm my point that a hard-left conspiracy is backing the government's protection of traitorous moles who have bored from within.


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