Saturday, December 16, 2006

Physicists challenge 9/11 tale

Here are some physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers who have gone on record as challenging the official account of the collapses of the twin towers in New York on 9/11:

Steven E. Jones, PhD; Josh Mitteldorf, PhD; Frank Legge, PhD; John P. Costella, PhD; Derrick P. Grimmer, PhD; Bill Hammel, Phd, David Griscom, PhD, Gregory S. Jenkins, PhD, and Joanna Rankin, PhD.

Jones was a physics professor who was pressured to retire from Brigham Young University in a controversy over his online paper attacking the official theory of the collapses.

Rankin is a physics professor at the University of Vermont who is helping organize a drive to demand that the 9/11 investigation be re-opened.

Mitteldorf has taught math and physics at Ivy League schools and is currently concentrating on biological science. He was one of a group of statisticians, many affiliated with universities, who found that the nationwide exit poll discrepancies in the 2004 presidential election were highly improbable.

Working with Mitteldorf on ballot security issues was Griscom, a retired naval research physicist with more than 200 publications to his credit.

Jenkins is assistant director of Howard University's department of physics and astronomy and has been associated with NASA.

Hammel taught university math and physics before becoming disabled from a spinal problem.

Legge and Costella are physicists working in Australia.

A well-known mathematician who is a vocal critic of the official 9/11 account is A.K. Dewdney, PhD. Dewdney's math often has strong physical connotations. Some of these names can be found on his web site, 911physics.

Others with scientific backgrounds who oppose the official story are Timothy P. Howell, PhD, computer science, and Peter Phillips, PhD, a sociology professor and director of Project Censored at Sonoma State University. Howell is cited as having a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and residing in Sweden, but references are scanty. Charles Simpson, PhD, chairman of the department of sociology and criminal justice at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, has joined Rankin in a petition to have Burlington urge a new investigation of 9/11.

Also, Robert S. Boyer, a professor of mathematical philosophy [logic] and computer science at the University of Texas, and Joseph Phelps, who is a charter member of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Also, Hugo Bachman and Jorg Schneider, two former structural engineering professors at Zurich's Federal Institute of Technology, have said the towers appeared to have been brought down by controlled demolition.

Further information on these experts is available via Google.

Other academics have also challenged the official story, but their degrees are not in mathematical sciences.

I have not checked the authenticity of every PhD claim, but there is no obvious reason to doubt any.

Also, it appears that one or two of these scientists are no longer speaking up.


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