Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Proud to be censored about 9/11 truth

I get, at a Yahoo email address, Google alerts of blog posts concerning 9/11.
Recently I got one posted by a New York cab driver, which is cool.
However, my blog posts concerning 9/11 never show up.
Guess someone doesn't want my observations getting around too much.
Must be that the 9/11 truth hurts.

That reminds me: Zero comments showed up on this blog for a long time. But when I was fiddling with the system, I suddenly discovered some comments that hadn't been visible to me. The control panel claimed that this had been a consequence of my decision. So anyway, those comments that I saw are now visible below.
However, the comments have gone back to zero. In other words, when I accidentally found some comments, they were permitted to remain. But no others show up. My conclusion is that comments are routinely barred by a clandestine force.

Anyway, Islamic scholar Kevin Barrett quotes Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University's religious studies program and an expert on Bin Laden, as saying that the famous Bin Laden confession tape of 2001 is a fake.



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