Monday, May 07, 2007

You gotta believe!

Two things that need doing, urgently:

*9/11 truth squads should engage every presidential candidate. Good, to-the-point questions should be carefully phrased in advance and then posed to a candidate with the videocam running. The response should be posted on the net, of course.
Also, a short but concise set of 9/11 questions should be submitted to each candidate's staff and the answers, if any, posted.

*A circular letter should be drafted by several scientists who are well-known in their fields to the effect that the undersigned believe that government explanations regarding the events of 9/11 lack scientific credibility. The letter might also call for an international commission to investigate 9/11 that accepts no government funds.

Of course we cannot expect the two best-known activist groups of scientists to initiate any action concerning 9/11 coverup. Neither the Union of Concerned Scientists nor the American Federation of Scientists have lifted a finger in this matter. They will have to be brushed aside as vestiges of a bygone "Old Left" era.

The letter should avoid any particular conspiracy theory and focus on the fact of the major holes in the government account and the point that the government storyline does not meet minimal scientific standards. In that light, care should be taken, at least in the initial stages, of coalition-building.

Let us recall the fact that a large number of academic experts signed a circular sharply questioning the outcome of the 2004 presidential election and the "explanation" of the sharp statistical anomalies provided by the media-hired exit pollsters. The mainline media did not cover this group to any extent, though one or two activists landed a good interview here and there.

Yet, the word got out via the net and Congress is even now trying to require a means of auditing elections. That is, the activists bypassed the Maginot Line of the establishment press and, as a result, polling place fiddling was much more difficult to do in the recent midterms that put the Democrats in power. (Still, such fiddling may have limited the success of the Democrats.)

So, the point is, push for 9/11 truth AND justice! Believe right can prevail.

Psyop alert
A professional government psywar op is going on right now, whereby various ploys are being used to try to imply that active measures to hack and censor 9/11 news, books and blogs are the work of fanatical GOP partisans rather than the work of the Pentagon units that carried out 9/11 and are struggling to maintain control.



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