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Murdoch implicates Israel in 9/11

There are quite a few telltale signs that the Israeli government had a covert hand in 9/11, but it's not so easy to conclude that this must be so. After all, any group clever enough to orchestrate such a fraud would be sure to scatter a bunch of false leads around.

However, the rising hysteria of Murdoch's crew to try to shame, browbeat and isolate people who see 9/11 as an inside job makes one wonder. Here is Murdoch, whose media have for years run interference for Israeli militants, also running interference for the 9/11 murderers by trying to shout down irrefutable facts proving an inside job -- by avoiding the facts and engaging in personal attacks against the man or woman. How does that look?

It looks as though Murdoch, a naturalized citizen, is working with his business colleague Baron Rothschild, the noted Zionist, to protect what are seen as Israeli interests.

True, no telling what Murdoch is really up to. But, his tactics certainly bring the neocon cause into disrepute and, by extension, cast a cloud over Israel's government.

Also, the Murdoch media's move to whip up diehard Bushites concerning the evil 9/11 truth backers serves Pentagon censors well. Now the Pentagon can use its ability to control "bad" computer sites and limit dissemination of 9/11 news while giving the impression that it's the whipped-up anti-9/11 crazies who are responsible. Cute, huh?

BTW, Murdoch hitman O'Reilly is blaming Soros for wickedly funding 9/11 truth activists. Gee, wish I could get some of that money. I have never received a dime for my work on 9/11 matters and, from what I can tell, there is a group which maneuvers behind the scenes to make sure I have nothing.

Really, O'Reilly is simply using a smear tactic to try to discredit the burgeoning 9/11 truth movement, which is largely a true American grassroots phenomenon. But, even if Soros did indeed channel money to some 9/11 truth groups, why shouldn't he?

The Murdoch press is also routinely accusing ultra-leftists of pushing for 9/11 truth and justice. However, 9/11 truth people have had to fight like the dickens against what appears to be a conspiracy in the left to ignore 9/11 truth.

Gee, with all those Wall Street Journal staffers signing an anti-Murdoch petition, do you think that maybe, just maybe, the paper, under its new editor, might start exposing some ugly facts concerning 9/11 coverups? I suppose that IS too much to ask.

Tenet's jibe at Rockefeller
In his memoir, Tenet pointedly notes that Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the West Virginia Democrat, told the public that there was "unmistakable" evidence that Saddam posed a threat with weapons of mass destruction even though the secret National Intelligence Estimate said that the likelihood was very low that Saddam would use such weapons, other than if he were in desperate straits, such as a U.S. invasion.

Elsewhere, Tenet mentions that, in connection with Fitzgerald's investigation of the Plame matter, he learned that Bush had quietly declassified part of the National Intelligence Estimate -- without saying what this information was. He plays totally dumb on the fact that Bush had declassified Plame's identity, supposedly, without telling him. Boy, that's loyalty!

So I can't help but wonder what faction he's allied with here. A faction that wants to protect Bush from impeachment maybe. It must be a pretty powerful clique, willing to put the onus on the neocons and Rockefeller, too.

No, I don't think Tenet could have published such a memoir without having some sort of a clique he thought he could rely on.

Two versions of 911blogger?
I just checked 911blogger for my posts and encountered an error message. And upon reviewing the blog, found that my post on Naomi Wolf was missing. I then went to the site by another route, and found it there alive and well.

Naturally, I can't help but wonder whether there is a government-sponsored game going on to limit distribution of some 911blogger submissions.

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At 7:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

<<< Naturally, I can't help but wonder whether there is a government-sponsored game going on to limit distribution of some 911blogger submissions. >>

My God, you are paranoid.

At 10:31 AM , Blogger Paulie said...


At 10:38 AM , Blogger Paulie said...

...or, perhaps "Anonymous" is naive.


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