Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do you think you've been censored?

Have you experienced electronic interference activities, or other actions, that have the effect of censorship?

Please either post a comment or send me an email at the address above or one of my other addresses that you manage to locate. Be sure to note who benefits from the censorship.

"Paranoid" is an an easy put-down for such suspicions. However, I would point out that hacking of web sites and email for political reasons is in principle no different from the hacking of Diebold's no-paper-trail voting machines for political reasons.

Some may recall the televised Irancontra hearings. At first, the videotapes were supposed to be available for replay. That idea was quickly scotched. So the full hearings were broadcast by PBS, as I recall. However, whenever the testimony veered too close to the CIA and got really interesting, somebody "tripped" over a wire and cut off the audio or the broadcast was suddenly interrupted for a station break. This happened repeatedly.

Then, one day the witnesses discussed the details of the Israeli government's role in the affair, including the provision of landing sites and so forth. Next day, not one word about Israel appeared in any New York area newspaper.

So, we have examples of interference from two sources: the CIA and Israelophiles. It might be easy to blow me off as paranoid or anti-Semitic, but what happened is what happened.

Now let's be aware that the government could easily feel justified in running interference against me on grounds of national security. It could be said that the concern isn't protecting 9/11 traitors but the concern is to make it hard for me to help terrorists. That's not a stretch. After all, I did post on my other blog, http://kryptograff.blogspot.com, an easily-followed recipe for strong encryption.
Now, there's nothing illegal about that. But the Pentagon may say, yes, but it's sensitive information that we don't want generally disseminated.

From my experience observing black ops, I have noticed that the "machine" keeps working, even when the point of the operation no longer holds. (Welcome to the Army; in fact, welcome to Iraq.)

So once one has drawn the attention of these folks, a disruption operation may be mounted and simply continued on and on, evidently out of bureaucratic inertia and maybe because of some Captain Queeg syndrome on the part of lower-level ops people.


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