Sunday, July 22, 2007

अस्सौल्ट ओं फ्री press

Assault on freedom

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If Sen. Russ Feingold has his way, Bush and Cheney will face a vote of censure for deceptions in promoting the Iraq war and for the "greatest assault on our Constitution in American history."

Citing widespread sentiment in favor of impeachment, Feingold told Meet the Press that he would introduce the resolution within a few days as an alternative to an impeachment process. The senator, citing the NSA warrantless wiretap program, said he believes Bush and Cheney had committed impeachable offenses but that his resolution was a more "moderate" course of action than impeachment.

Feingold also said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had been very deceptive with Congress and might be included in the censure resolution, particularly with respect to his role in the Patriot Act and the U.S. attorney firings.

Feingold serves in the Senate, but articles of impeachment must be drawn up in the House. Rather than unsettle the aspirations of the Democratic presidential candidates, Democrats have thus far shied away from impeachment.

Feingold said nothing about whether he would introduce a clause reprimanding Bush and Cheney for either committing perjury about Bush covertly declassifying CIA Officer Plame's identity in 2003 or for waiting until the very last moment in 2006 to tell either the attorney general or the special prosecutor that Bush had declassified Plame's identity. Obviously, too much focus on that point might rapidly trigger articles of impeachment.

Neither did Feingold mention 9/11 in his proposed resolution, though one could easily relate a massive assault on the Constitution to a stab in America's back that day. Serious public officials must know by now that the evidence is overwhelming that treason occurred that day and that Bush and Cheney abetted the coverup or, if not, are so wildly incompetent as to require impeachment.

Feingold's problem of course is that a deal has been done in the inner sanctums of power to stonewall the 9/11 treason issue and protect the traitors, traitors who are far more dangerous to America than all the Islamist extremists combined. The corporate media are in the hands of a few who have shaken hands with hell on that point. Can or will Feingold overcome these devils? Let's see what gets into the resolution.

I tried to respond to Feingold's article on Op Ed News, which has a "contact the author" option, but got back an "email not sent -- failed" notice.


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