Monday, July 23, 2007

वी गेट around

We get around

Post on Feingold censure resolution is immediately prior to this post.

Despite all sorts of interference, Znewz1 gets around.

Our posts and news reports have been showing up regularly on a variety of interesting web sites for a while now, and my ad hoc opinion is that this tendency has grown noticeably as the White House's political position declines.

Now, it remains true that all too often pages referring to Znewz1 stay on Google and other search engines only for short times before vanishing into oblivion. The pages don't get a lower priority, unless by "lower" you mean "zero."

Why so? Clearly, the invisible government is trying to bolster a false impression that Znewz1 and Conant are highly isolated and have little impact. The more seemingly isolated a voice is politically, the easier that voice is to ignore (at least on the surface). Also, the isolation factor helps reinforce intimidation. Others worry about being too plainspoken about 9/11 or surveillance of journalists on the the theory that persons such as myself are "roped off" and "getting nowhere."

However, if we don't simply think about what a "Znewz1" search turns up today, but about what it has turned up over the past few years, and particularly over the past few months, then we might realize that all sorts of people have no problem interconnecting with Znewz1 and Conant. They are not intimidated.

So let's not succumb to the carefully crafted illusion that Americans fear to respond to some of the things we say here. Yes, quite a few Americans have been keeping their heads down. But, on the flipside, there is an increasing renewal of confidence in the First Amendment right to to interact with Conant and quote him at will, whether positively or negatively.


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