Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bush spokesman tied to porn mogul

Tony Snow, the White House press secretary, didn't work in Rupert Murdoch's internet pornography area. Snow worked as a "legit" newsman on a Murdoch TV outlet.

Porn tycoon Murdoch is a big backer of the party of family values and its leader, George Bush. Murdoch even publishes Bibles along with internet porn.

Most viewers of his "Page Three" nudes are probably not offended by the sex merchant's wares. However, Murdoch's "softcore porn" site also hosts ads with titles like "Seditious. I want to make you cum" and the link led to a site with live sex acts for pay.

So, though many may see the pornography of Bush's top media backer as a low-key issue, one must wonder what Bush's religious right backers would think of the Bush bunch's close connections with the porn mogul.


P.S. This blogger is not anti-sex.

School pays to escape 9/11 duty

Brigham Young University officials can breathe easy now. They have reached a settlement with Steven Jones, a physics professor who is retiring after having been put on paid leave over his 9/11 views. Now the school can avoid the embarrassing duty of an honest peer review of Jones' work, which rightfully would include close scrutiny of the federal government's World Trade Center reports.

Jones' statement may be found at
(If link fails or cannot be seen -- as often occurs with my stuff -- google "scholars for 911 truth" and proceed from there.)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bones fiasco taints official 9/11 probes

"The exhaustive search for human remains at Ground Zero somehow missed key areas -- an oversight that may have kept scores of 9/11 families from having a true burial of their loved ones' remains," writes Greg B. Smith in Sunday's New York Daily News after more human remains were unearthed at the site of the World Trade Center disaster.

"Two whole office buildings and many underground chambers never underwent a thorough search," the newspaper reported.

A badly damaged skyscraper at 130 Cedar Street was visually searched for remains shortly after the attacks, the paper found, but the building was choked with debris and toxic dust. Later the debris was removed, but the city has no record of its removal, the News found, although the building had contained pieces of an airplane.

So not only did a number of human remains apparently vanish with no accountability, so did important forensic evidence: pieces of the attack airplane.

Though the city Fire Department had responsibility for the search for remains, it is not clear why there are no city records of the removal of 130 Cedar Street's debris and forensic evidence.

However, it is obvious that we have yet another example of important information regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center that has turned up missing.
These enormous blank spaces in the investigative trail can only cast a pall over the quality of the official investigations conducted in the aftermath of 9/11.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No peer review for NIST's 9/11 report

Physics Professor Steven E. Jones is undergoing academic scrutiny over his role in the 9/11 truth movement.

A Brigham Young University official has said Jones was suspended over concern that his paper on the collapse of World Trade Center 7 had not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. The suspension however occurred after Jones voiced suspicion that radical neocons, who are known for their militantly pro-Israel stance, had been behind the attacks.

Jones' paper cites what he considers numerous problems in the government's conspiracy theory. The paper had been easily available via Google but is now not readily accessible via the popular search engine.

Supposing that a committee of peers is reviewing Jones' work, several points should be made:

. Many university scientists post non-peer reviewed writings online. For example, nobelist Brian Josephson writes about mental telepathy, a topic that is so controversial it can't easily be published in peer-reviewed publications.
Many others publish "preprints" on Arxiv. Preprints are not peer-reviewed and many are never submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

. The NIST's report on the collapse of the twin towers did not appear in a peer-reviewed journal. Considering the numerous omissions, distortions and public relations gimmicks, no serious journal would have published it.

. An academic committee that reviews Jones' actions should also review the NIST's main report and all its back-up reports, to see whether Jones makes a good case for scientific fraud by the NIST's principle report writers. This means that the committee should contact all scientists involved in the WTC probe to get their views on the NIST investigation.

. An independent panel of physicists and structural engineers should form itself to assure that academic freedom isn't being sacrificed on an altar of national security deception.

. The Bush administration has been repeatedly chided for misrepresentation of scientific studies. Cherry-picking of facts, failure to consider the prevailing scientific consensus and misrepresentation of the views of government scientists are major concerns, scientists have said. However, it appears that when it comes to 9/11 science, the government's word is holy writ. If Jones' work is to be checked, it is only fair that the NIST's work be rigorously checked.

. A great deal of information is missing from the NIST study, to the extent that one can only conclude that a scientific fraud was perpetrated, one meant to hoodwink non-specialists. Jones pointed out that the NIST never even checked the alternative hypothesis: that the buildings had been downed by explosives (later the NIST tossed in a last-minute disclaimer, but produced no work to back up the disclaimer). The NIST also wrote no report on the forensic findings of first-responders, including the FBI, the CIA and the New York City police and fire departments. There is no indication that the NIST even reviewed those reports, though the agency complained that a great deal of evidence was missing by the time it opened its inquiry.

Monday, October 09, 2006

GOP battles sleaze factor

Fallout from the Foley teenage seduction scandal, or whatever it is, isn't the only problem of sleaze embroiling Congressional Republicans. There's also the ugly money Abramoff affair, which also ensnarled the inner sanctums of the GOP. Even now the White House is stonewalling calls for disclosure of the convicted briber's wheeling and dealing with top Bush aides, notes today's New York Times.

And then there's the question of why Hastert blew off Foley's predatory sex signals in the first place. Sunday's Times reported on a powerful group of gay Republicans, sometimes known as the Velvet Mafia or the Pink Elephants, with access to Hastert and other top lawmakers. Some of them are staff aides and others are members of the P Street Lobby, which refers to a Washington street known for its gay lifestyle.

Some of the gays are incensed at being linked to pedophilia, while others are keeping very quiet during this political maelstrom, the Times said.

And so there is strong suspicion that the P Street gang had a major hand in the apparent coverup of Foley's personality disorder. What's not clear is whether Hastert really didn't know the seriousness of what was going on or whether he feared to offend the Velvet Mafia.

"Knowledge is power" is Washington's motto and the congressional GOP's backup motto is: "What you don't know won't hurt us."

That's why Abramoff's palm-greasing K Street Lobby had such easy access to top Republicans in Congress and in the White House.

This attitude of being the party of moral rectitude in public while not giving a damn about what goes on when it's not in the papers is a hallmark of the Bush bunch in the White House and in Congress. A reckless disregard for the truth led to the major embarrasments concerning Saddam's nonexistent WMDs and his nonexistent ties to al Qaeda. The GOP sleazy attitude toward the truth has brought the United States into an intolerable mess in Iraq that needn't have occurred.

Even now the GOP is saying that such things as the Fourth Amendment are no longer needed in America. Yet why should Americans trust anything that the Party of Sleaze says?

And the party brass's cavalier betrayal of trust concerning child sex predation has a lot to do with its turning a blind eye to treason against America on 9/11. In fact, who wouldn't think that security agency blackmailers are behind the GOP's listlessness on 9/11 treason?

And take a look at North Korea and its nuclear bomb test. Bush's hands are tied because he pinned the U.S. down in a stupid sectarian quagmire. And the GOP's sleazy kow-towing to Red China -- money, money, money -- is no help. China's reds say that grave consequences will follow North Korea's test. But, aren't they simply playing gullible GOP lawmakers? The red masters of manipulation take full advantage of the GOP sleaze factor. Can you imagine China's reds doing anything about red allies in North Korea other than spouting a lot of empty words?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spooks in dread of 9/11 truth backlash?

The 9/11 truth monster

Are top-level spooks in dread of the "9/11 truth" issue breaking out of its cage?

Consider the recent firefights between the White House and top spooks over the war on terror and 9/11. First we had the National Intelligence Estimate's blunt assertion that the Iraq war was fueling terrorism, a big slap in the face for Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld. Hard on the NIE's heels comes Bob Woodward's book in which ex-CIA chief Tenet says he gave then National Security Adviser Rice a dire warning not long before 9/11 of an imminent major al Qaeda attack and that Rice blew him off.

We've been hearing that Tenet has been fuming at being "thrown under the bus" by Rice over supposed bad intelligence on Iraqi WMD and alleged ties to Qaeda. And why is she tossing Tenet under the bus? You think the former National Security Adviser wants to take blame for the kinds of facts that are emerging about 9/11? But, then, neither does Tenet or others high in spookdom.

The obviousness of the government coverup of the truths of 9/11 are filtering out to the general public. Ergo, a real change in power implies prosecutions of traitors. Time to CYA, figure Tenet, Rice and those others who just can't be ignorant of the treason plot.

Double standard on sexcapades

A few thoughts on the Mark Foley scandal:

* Foley says through his lawyer that he never touched any of the boys in whom he was interested. But his gay love letters imply that he was set to drink and bed at least one youth (see http://www.stopsexualpredators.blogspot.com
Certainly being gay, and having had an abusive childhood, does not justify attempts to seduce young men who are still trying to get their bearings sexually.

* The inaction of Speaker Hastert and others in the GOP, when alerted to funny business with young male pages, is in sharp contrast to the party's war cry against Clinton for messing around with a young woman who was, after all, of age. True, they apparently didn't have enough info to bring charges of any sort against Foley. But it seems clear that they wanted to wash their hands of the matter. If it isn't reported in the news media, it doesn't count, is Washington's rule of thumb when it comes to poor conduct.

* Interestingly, the spark for this firestorm was an anonymous blogger who posted copies of the salacious emails from Foley on blogspot. Apparently ABC News spotted the blog and Foley was unable to deny that the emails were authentic. So we see again the power of the internet to bypass and influence established media coverage.
Of course everyone is wondering who runs the website. The blogger blocks comments and gives no information in his/her profile. The blogger may be a concerned citizen, or then again, may be a conduit for some political entity.